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3 - Minute Rule

Stay up all night go to sleep watching dragnet

Never sleep alone because jimmy’s the magnet

I’m so rope they call me mr. roper

When the troubles arise I’m the cool coper

On the mic I score just like the yankees

Get over on ms. crabtree like my main man spankee

Excuse me young lady I don’t mean to trouble ya

But you’re looking mighty fine inside your b.m.w.

I got lucky I brought home a kitten

Before I got busy I slipped on the mitten

Can’t get better odds cause I’m a sure thing

Proud mary keeps on turning rolling like a ring ding

Jump the turnstile never pay the toll

Doo wa diddy bust with the pre-roll

Customs jails me over an herb seed

Don’t rat on your boy over some rat weed

I’m out of your back door and into another

Your boyfriend doesn’t know about me and your mother

Not perfect grammar always perfect timing

The mike stands for money and the d. is for diamonds

Roses are red the sky is blue

I got my barrel at your neck so what the fuck you gonna do

It’s just two wheels and me the wind in my eyes

The engine is the music and my nine’s by my side

Cause you know y. a. u. c. h.

I’m takin’ all m.c.’s out in the place

Takin’ life as it comes no fool am i

I’m goin’ off gettin’ paid and I don’t ask why

Playin’ beats on my box makin’ music for the many

Know alota def girls that would do anything

A lot of parents like to think I’m a villain

I’m just chillin’ like bob dylan

I smoke cheeba it helps me with my brain

I might be a little dusted but I’m not insane

People come up to me and they try to talk shit man

I’ve been making records since you were sucking on your mother’s dick

Girl you’re walking tall now with your fancy clothes

You got fancy things going up your nose

You get fancy gifts from expensive men

You’re a dog on a leash like a pig in a pen

Mothership connection getting girl’s affection

If your life needs correction don’t follow my direction

You got your 8 by 10 your agent your harley

You be driving around hollywood yes sorry charlie

Cause I’m running things like some mack motherfucker

Your only claim to fame is you’re a false fake sucker

You slip you slack you clock me you lack

While I’m reading on the road by my man jack kerouac

Poetry in motion coconut lotion

I had to diss the girl because she got too emotional

Are you experienced little girl

I want to know what goes on in your little girl world

Cause I’m on your mind it’s hard to forget me

I’ll take your pride for a ride if you let me

So peace out y’all I’m pcp so I’m out

Full throttle to the bottle and full full clout

And I’m out

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