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Shaheed _


I don’t eat no ham n’ eggscuz they’re high in cholesterol

A yophife do you eat em? notip do you eat em?

Uh huhnot at all(again)

I don’t eat no ham n’ eggscuz they’re high in cholesterol

Jarobido you eat em? nopeshahdo you eat em? (nope)

Not at all

Q-tip and phife(trading lines):

A tisketa tasketwhat’s in mama’s basket?

Some veggie links and some fish that stinks

Whyjust the other dayI went to grandma’s house

Smelled like she conjured up a mouse

Eggs was fryinham was smellin

In ten minutesshe started yellin (come and get it)

And the gettin’s were good

I saidI shouldn’t eatshe saidI think you should

But I can’tI’m plagued by vegetarians

No cats and dogsI’m not a veterinarian

Strictly collard greens and a occasional steak

Goes on my plate

Asparagus tips look yummyyummyyummy

Candied yams inside my tummy

A collage of good eatssome snacks or nice treats

Apple sauce and some nice red beets

This is what we snack on when we’re questin’

(both: no second guessin)


(q-tip: bridge)


Now drop the beatso I can talk about my favorite tastings

The food that is the everlastingsee I’m not fasting

I’m gobblinglike a dog on turkey

Beef jerkyslim jimsI eat sometimes

I like lemons and limes

And if not thattake it the road see and the salad sopped

Sit backrelaxlisten to some hip hop


Gum drops and gummy bears tease my eyes

A sight for sore ones and some bore pies

And other goodies that are filled with goop

With fried apple roots

Delectable delightscontrol my appetites

Mine is for merightbut I know what I like

Chicken for lunchchicken for my dinner

ChickenchickenchickenI’m a finger lickin winner

When breakfast time comesI don’t recognize

Pig in the pan or a pair of bogey chides

Mixed with stewed tomatoeshome fried potatoes

Or anything with flaircook itI’m in there

Pay attention to the tribe as we impose

This is how it goes

I don’t eat no ham n’ eggscuz they’re high in cholesterol

A yophife do you eat em? nahtip do you eat em?

Uh huhnot at all(come againy’all)

I don’t eat no ham n’ eggscuz they’re high in cholesterol

Jarobido you eat em? nopeshahdo you eat em?

Nopenot at all

I don’t eat no ham n’ eggscuz they’re high in cholesterol

Afrika do you eat em? noposdo you eat em?

Hell yeahall the time

I don’t eat no ham n’ eggscuz they’re high in cholesterol

Phifedo you eat em? nahtipdo you eat em?

Uh huhnot at all

Jarobido you eat em? nopeshahdo you eat em?

Nopenot at all

I don’t eat no ham n’ eggscuz they’re high in cholesterol

Afrikado you eat em? nogarydo you eat em?

Yeahall the time (laughing)

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