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Pad Pen


This is the master d-life

As we set it off with my mans a tribe called quest

And uhhwe got to do it like this baby

We got to do it like that baby

We got the good shit not the bullshityaknahmean? ha hah

We bout to count it downwe bout to count it off

It goes a-onetwothreeahh!


Malik we gettin back into that shit again

And when we rhymebrothers need to break they pensuh-oh

It’s the love movement never ends

The rap game’ll never be the same again

(phife dawg where you at baby? ) we came again

[phife dawg]

Here I come againyou feelin fine?

The dawg is like a overflowin rhyme from mind

Usually mess with shorties whose a 8 or 9

Shorty bump around to the bass-line


F keeps a burner on the waist-line

That cat’s trickin offI ain’t wastin mine

You feel the uniquenessyou seekin this?

And when we do itwe be freakin this

[phife dawg]

Don’t even frontyou know you feelin this

My shade is borderin around licorice (licorice)

Enjoyin this tuneglad you playin it

(aiyyo phife what’s the hook? )

Here we sayin itsayin itsayin it

Chorus: with d-life

My pad and my pen (ah ahyou didn’t go there)

The beat and the blend (say wordyou didn’t go there)

The party won’t end (you knowwe got to be there)

Just keep your ?buildin with friendsyo

* repeat 2x w/ variations *


We’re down for life with one destiny

It seems that the devil keeps testin me

Got the illest part of the recipe

Yo tell your homegirl to stop stressin me (stop it)

Undressin me is the part you really like

Brothers hold the cracks now they holdin mics

The cusses you get? steady rights

Marauderswe did that shit at mid-nighta-ah-aight-aight

[phife dawg]

I love it when my honeydip be slobbin me

Don’t take it personal it’s just comedy

My comedy completely turned to tragedy

I sense some of these rappers still be mad at me

Sweatin her because of her anatomy

When I bang you it’ll be assault and battery

Don’t make me discombobulate your micraphone

Talkin trash will only get you freakin headflown


Uhhbuy em out the boxnever faulty ones

Get in that ass like karate son

I act with the lightsometimes it’s lookin grim

We manage a smilesometimes we slip it in

[phife dawg]

My tribe be worldwide like the nike swoosh

Emcees be soundin moist like vagina juice

The top of the worldwe pursuin it

Don’t worry about a thingcause we doin it

Doin itdoin it

Chorus 2x


That’s the way we do.. c’monthat’s the way we do

It’s the nigga d-lifewith t-c-q

That’s the way we are.. and the beat won’t stop

Got to blow it up for the top..

Didn’t think you knew how we rock..

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