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Headaches & Woes


Oh man I got a splittin’ headache

And my heart is broken up into a thousand tiny little microscopic pieces


I got a head full of headaches a heart that’s full of woes

I’m constantly singin’ them downhome blues and not many people knows

That leaves me with a twisted view of the whole wide world as I know it

And I guess I got no choice but to be a poet

Verse one:

Now in my natural habitat I gravitate towards having that

And I elevate on having that

And I’ll never get caught in your rabbit trap

From yellowstone to venezuela

Nigeria down through australia

There’s somethin I learned that I gotta tell ya

There’s a whole lot of us ain’t wrapped too tight

Now I could been your doctor or your lawyer

Or come to your house and clean up for ya

Self destruction won’t destroy ya

If you got somebody that’s lookin out for ya

Men are murdered women raped

People gettin beat on videotape

And people elsewhere tryin to escape

Just to come to america to lick the plate

Helicopters scope the land

Hell is here so I hope you ’stand

Hip-hop culture is african

And rappers like me gon’ rule the earth


Verse one:

Now everyday I manifest and I generate and smoke cannabis

And I penetrate and I innovate and I demonstrate from los angeles

From amsterdam to the northern border

Panama spain to atlanta georgia

Somethin’ I learned that I haven’t told ya

Brothers like me don’t live too long

Now I know you know it ain’t who you know but do you know you

See cause you could go just like any joe and that’s for sho’ true

So if you’re straight and you’re narrow and the snake’s in the barrel

And the serpent is under the rainbow

And you’re head over heels instead of the reals

Then you’re bound to be tangled

Cause brothers are singin’ and dancin’ and rappin’

Like they was a vaudeville act

But knowledge is wealth and you gotta know self

And you gotta know god’s still black

Cause every so often I sit and I wonder why I even trip at all

Cause half are down when I get down

The other half wanna see me fall

Waitin around all heaven bound and you seen that your l-7’s round

And when the sky falls to the ground

And you found that the only way up is down

Don’t give me no additives no sedatives or preservatives

Or repetitive rhetoric you give

Just let it live

Yet my head is poundin’ I’m dealin’ with this load on my mind

I got a head full of headaches a heart that’s full of woes man

I’m constantly singin’ them downhome blues and not many peoples knows man

That leaves me with a twisted view of the whole wide world as I know it

And I guess I got no choice but to be a

I got no choice but to be

I guess I got no choice but to be a poet

I guess I got no choice but to be a prophet

I guess I got no choice but to be a griot

A gangster

A athlete

A bum

A nobody

A criminal

A convict

A black man

A mc

A mc

A mc


Verse three:


You know that’s right

That’s why people got to get their high so they can get high

They blast and they passed the pipe to get high

Just like a jedi

Never said I would i

Even if I could i

Didn’t do it but I just rather get a little shut eye

So I sleep from dawn to dusk in a bomb shelter

Cause ya never know

When the man is gonna drop that big one

Oh peltingpeople burning melting

Alarm the farmers

Armageddon karma psychic readings

Greetings earthlings I’m from mars

Got two more planets to go and then I’m on my way to the stars

Oh no there I go through the ozone layer hole

Where the men are the men and they mean it

Down where the wind don’t blow where the indo grow in the snow

And everybody po’

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