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Five Feet

One twoone two

You got the levels straight?

Lets do my thing

Talking shit while he was rollin’ his weed

My niger hit him in the face

He didn’t know that disrespect

Would lead to such a serious case.

If you knew how to read the situation

You would stay your his place.

If there is one thing that everyone one needs

Is their God damn space

Let me talk about it as I rock it

Give me five feet

All around the world

I don’t want no body touching me unless it’s my girls

I give a pound of hugs of love some are like that

Don’t be tapping my shoulders

Or patting me on the back

Or pullin’ my arm

Checkin my size

I’m liable to do you harm

My temple is my prize

I’m wise and on the really

I ain’t too touchy feely

If you put your hands up on me

I might just smack you silly

There a billion people

Touch somebody elsetouch yourself

I’ll be sure to get at you if I need your help

But until thenmaybe when I’m deador still

But to touch you without touchin’ you is one of my gifts

Talking shit while she was drunk at the bar

My homey slapped her in the face

She didn’t know that disrespect

Would lead to such a serious case

If she knew how to read the situation

She would stay in her place

If it’s one thing that everyone needs is their God damn space

Why you all up up under me

Screamin in my ear

Why you tryin to talk over the music

When you know we barely can hear

Why you tuggin on my coat tail

Grabbin on my sleeve

Yo cover your mouth when you cough around me

Don’t touch me when you sneeze

I don’t like disease

I don’t want to give you what I’ve got

Yo hit the weed

But what I don’t need is someone always in my spot

Stadin when I’m standing

Breathin down my neck

Yo have some respect

I guess you think that water ain’t wet

Just back the back the fuck up

No I ain’t stuck up

I just don’t want to hear your moans and groans

And hick-ups and stuff

Being recorded with the tape recorders all in my grill

But touchin you without touchin you is one of my skills

Talkin shit while he was up at the mic.

Somebody hit him in the face

He didn’t know that disrespect

Would lead to such a serious case

If he knew how to read the situation

He would stay in his place

If there is one thing that everyone needs

Is there goddamn space

Let me talk about it as I rock it

Now I’m a draw the lines on the ground and show you my squares

At least arms distance so stand over there

Hey love you know I miss you

And how we embrace

But I let you know if I wanna kiss you

Or see how you taste

Yo we all got issues we need to face

So don’t think I’m tryin’ to diss you

When I tell you the case

In case you wondering it’s just like that

I practice telepathy

I already know what you’re goona say

Before you step to me

I hate crowded elevators and downtown brush

Pack trainscrazy-ass people on the bus

Sometimes roll blush

Lookin’ so called crush

But I’d rather teleport through space so y’all can bite my dust

Use body language baby

I can dig that

But homey you need to kick back and relax on the act

The bottom line is don’t invade no body’s own

Or maybe your ownsincerely aceyalone

Talking shit while he was walking the street

Somebody shot him in the face

He didn’t know that disrespect

Would lead to such a serious case

If you knew how to read the situation

You would stay in your place

If there is one thing that every one needs

Is their goddamn space

Give me five feet all around the world

To each his own

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