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Deep & Wide

Breath out breath in breath out

There’s a mc flowin’ deep and wide deep and wide

Rhymes I got plenty keep ’em right by my side

Come and get a flow jump inside the boat for the ride

There’s a mc flowin’ deep and wide deep and wide

Now everybody up odd man in

Fit to play a game of russian roulette and god’s fit to win

I hope you’re equip for the adventure men to the front

And the women and children to the back of the boat

Fit to be afloat in about fifty seconds

Better believe we brought enough free chicken for the picnic

And while the time is tickin’

Automated belt drive felt tip scribe I’m your guide

To the innermost outtermost post to the other side

Now my body is my temple and my temple is my prize

And my mind shine like the sun do

And here’s a little word from the wise

You go up the river down the creek cross the lake

And over the stream tryin’ to escape this mc

There’s a mc flowin’ deep and wide deep and wide

- what is it

Mc’s flowin’ deep and wide deep and wide

Rhymes we got plenty keep ’em right by our sides

Come and get a flow jump inside the boat for the ride

There’s a mc flowin’ deep and wide deep and wide

- what is it

Obviously this happens periodically

It’s not me it’s the God in me I’m rappin’ so melodically

Aeronautically aaron is iaaron is highaaron is flying

Why in me means the glare in your eye

They’re in the lyin’ down postion

The music’s a masseuse

Goin’ through your body makin’ all the tension loose

Audio boost their reaction means satisfaction

Seems to happen when I’m rappin’ and they hear me clearly

And cheering even teary-eyed in the b-boy kingdom

We some rude stylish scattin rappin world twists

But that’s just for audio analysis

The dopest you diagnose this

But still don’t get too close this

May have a ferocious side

There’s and mc flowin’ by deep and open wide

- what is it

Mc’s flowin’ deep and wide deep and wide

Rhymes we got plenty keep ’em right by our sides

Come and get a flow jump inside the boat for the ride

There’s a mc flowin’ deep and wide deep and wide

- what is it

Breath out breath in breath out

- yo ab feel the wind blowin’

Breath in breath out

Breath in breath out

I am a universal soldier

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