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B - Boy Kingdom


Ok I’ll make this short

We in the house

We got mikah 9 abstract rude peace

Vic hop fat jack and myself aceyalone

We come for the glory of the b-boy kingdom

Bring them laughter after which bring them tears

I seen it comin’ and knew it was a plot

Legislation had a plan to kill hip hop

I got wind from a snitch I kept in contact w/this

Bitch ass judge who was paid off

Soon after that he got laid off

I’m lettin’ niggas know you tryin’ to stop a muthafucka’s flow

Hold your black stallions and your black sheeps

Black clan aided a nigga and got heat

We met up on stepney and market sparked it

Mapped out the target

We gon’ take out their number one sergeant

Young and strong we bailed up on their front lawn

To kill the enemy

Remember me

Well if you remember me you’ll remember

I’m the one who broke into the pentagon took fouls planted bombs

Now I possess the blueprint

I counter the message you sent

No longer will you slander and tamper w/our music

Copies of the document we’re xeroxed

The ghetto took offense in defense of hip hop

Shot down rolled ’em up loc’ed up bailed out

Saved the day

Then into thin air I fade away


We come for the glory of the b-boy kingdom

Bring them laughter after which bring them tears

The story had never been told until now

As the glory of the kingdom come comes down

Disguised as a janitor the washman

I swept and mopped the floors

Better yet I was a spook behind the door

W/a perfect view from the bannister

Feeling like lee harvey

’cept I got a hundred million years in me

First thing I did was aim

Lock him in my scope


Bust his melon open now I’m pleased

In the name of mc’s

Already passed the time that they allotted me

The housekeeper spotted me

It was either her or me

Click clack

She says I will not say what I see

But I never could have trusted her so I busted her in her chest

Then laughed

Then headed for the elevator shaft

But it was too late the jig was up

There was pigs all in the building

So I tried to escape to the fire escape from homicide

Yeah I killed him

Hangin’ from the third story ladder

I dropped and I felt my ankle shatter

No time to lose juice from my bladder

My mission was completed and that was all that mattered

The van was parked a hundred yards from the scene of the crime

But it was hard to run w/a broken foot

Just like I thought they blasted

I took one to the gut

I was laying there thinkin’ about death

Just watchin’ my blood spill out

Just then the van pulls up and I jump in

And then we pull out (? lickin’? ) shouts for the glory

We come for the glory of the b-boy kingdom

Bring them laughter after which bring them tears

I walk in like a normal black

Gun peckin’ jaw snatching


They like the way I glide

To the back break out my backpack and stack my shit up

Ah it’s bulging now

Looked around heard a gun shot


I looked down I whipped out my shit

Unloaded my clip

Jetting by the count I slipped

Tripped out

Landed on my hip crawled out

I hit a tuck and roll up and out

Into a flip and boned out now I’m zonin’

I’m nine glocks and seven 380’s richer

I’m fit to blow the foundation off this beyotch up

Synchronized for the race

I push the button

Nuke the place

Timed myself dashin to the ride

I hops inside

Keys already in the ignition

I cranks it slaps it in drive

Fizorty-fizive seconds til dizamage

Ride b-boy


We come for the glory of the b-boy kingdom

Bring them laughter after which bring them tears

We come for the glory of the b-boy kingdom

Bring them laughter after which bring them tears

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