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Ac Alien Nation

Ac alien nation

(ac) (ac)

Put ur hands up

Put ur hands up

Come on

I sould of known

Something was up

When I got up

Something felt funny to me

On the get up

Jumped out of the bed

Put my head up

Guess who was staring at me

An e.t.!!

An alein and he said his name

Was steeve

And he didnt look

Like what I thought he

Would be

And he said

(aaron will you help me please

Heres ur space suit now come with me)

So we hopped up in the space truck

It was all crome out with

The system up

And I thought we were going to mars

We made a left

Though the dipper never figure

I would be here

With a spin-n-jiggie

We got there and I read the sign

It said welcome ac it’s about time

Can u show us

Can u help us

Dance tonight

Cuz we have no rythm

And we runnin at of time

Hold on to the rocket

Theres a universe of rythm

And the beat don’t stop in

Ac’s alien nation

Everyone is a cosmec freak

And we have one mission

Got to move as one in

Ac alien nation

Listen up heres what u

Gotta do

U take one step up

Dont try to take two

Make sure u pump

Ur fist like this

Not like this

And rock like this

Cuz everybody gotta

Learn this way

To be together

To stay together

No we gonna enivate

Moon lost

Tars off

The universeal big top

Circus no this

Soon u got to no this

It really doesnt matter if u

Short or tall

Green or blue

Fat or bald

Cuz I came with the groove

Im proving it all

And around these parts

We don’t take no shorts


Soon to be


U can see with ur eyes

How far we come

Cuz we didnt have rythm

Now we got some

Its just another day in the ac nation

Repeat chours

U say u wanna dance well

Heres ur chance

Uh uh

Break it down


We gonna break it all down

Uh uh

R-r-r-right to left

Uh uh

R-r-right to left

Now up and down

And side to side

Come on


We’re gonna bounce like this

What what

We’re gonna pump like this

What uh (ac)

What (ac)

Yo come on

(here we go)



Repeat chours 2 fades

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